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Truck dealerships are places to buy trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Every dealership sells one type of manufacturer and is only open to visits between 8:00-18:00, Monday-Saturday. Small and large dealerships of the same manufacturer share the same stock vehicles. The following list details truck dealers:

"Buy online" becomes available when you already have 5 trucks. Truck default prices range from 95,000 Euros to 230,000 Euros.

City Manufacturer Size of Showroom
Aberdeen Scania Small
Amsterdam DAF Large
Berlin MAN Large
Bern MAN Small
Birmingham MAN Small
Bratislava Mercedes-Benz Small
Bremen DAF Small
Brüssel IVECO Small
Calais MAN Small
Cardiff DAF Small
Dortmund MAN Small
Dresden Scania Small
Düsseldorf Renault Small
Edinburgh MAN Small
Felixstowe Renault Small
Frankfurt IVECO Large
Geneve Mercedes-Benz Large
Glasgow DAF Large
Grimsby IVECO Small
Hamburg IVECO Small
Hannover Scania Large
Leipzig DAF Small
Lille Scania Small
London Volvo Large
Luxembourg Volvo Large
Lyon Renault Small
Manchester Scania Large
Milano Scania Large
München MAN Large
Newcastle MAN Small
Nürnberg Volvo Small
Osnabrück Volvo Small
Paris Renault Large
Plymouth Mercedes-Benz Small
Prague Renault Large
Rostock Renault Small
Rotterdam Mercedes-Benz Small
Salzburg DAF Small
Strasbourg Scania Small
Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Large
Szczecin Mercedes-Benz Small
Torino IVECO Small
Verona Volvo Small
Wien IVECO Large
Wroclaw Volvo Large
Zürich DAF Small

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