The Job Market in ETS 2 offers three varieties of concluding deliveries for employers.
Job Market
  • Quick Job
  • Freight Market
  • External Contracts

Jobs offered depend on player Skills and discovered Cities.

Quick JobEdit

The Quick Job does not require you to pick up the cargo. A truck is simply provided for you with set performance, style, brand, color, etc. But the pay is less than jobs you take from the freight market. The pay is usually 66% of the Freight Market pay.

Freight MarketEdit

The Freight Market requires a truck to pick up the cargo. The pay is better than the Quick Job's pay.

Unlocked when you buy your first truck.

External Contracts Edit

These are for completing jobs from World of Trucks site. They calculate your job statistics on the World of Trucks page after each delivery. The pay is usually the same as the Freight Market's pay though can vary randomly from time to time.

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