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Small Garage
Large Garage

Garages Edit

Garages in ETS2 are far different than the ones in German or UK Truck Simulator. For one thing, there are three sizes: tiny [1 one truck, 0 hired drivers], small [1 truck, 2 hired drivers], and large [1 truck and 5 hired drivers and a gas station].

All garages have the same model in the original map and in the Going East!, but in Scandinavia, they are different.

Tiny garage has no gas station, 1 garage parking spot, and grass around it. Price: 0 Euros [Pounds, dollars, etc]

Small garage has no gas station, 3 garage parking spots, and road around it with some grass and parked cars. Price: 100,000 Euros, 80,000 pounds, or 130,000 USD.

Large garage has 1 gas station, 6 garage parking spots, and road around it with cars. Price: 180,000 Euros, 144,000 Pounds, or 230,000 USD.

Where to Find Garages Edit

Garages are found almost everywhere in cities that have a garage icon.

What you need to buy or sell a garage Edit

To Buy a Garage:

1 - Have the required money on you so you can purchase the garage.

2 - Buy the garage.

3 - Hire drivers and buy trucks [if necessary] to fill the remaining slots.

To Sell A Garage:

1 - Go to the Company Manager at the bottom of the screen.

2 - Go to garage manager.

3 - Go to the garage that you want to sell and hit the sell button to get some money back [except the garage that you have selected as your headquarters].

4 - Hire drivers and extra trucks should disappear if not, a message may say to get rid of them before getting rid of the desired garage you want to sell.

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