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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulation game created by SCS Software, using OpenGL, set in Europe. The player can drive across a depiction of Europe, visiting its cities, picking up a variety of cargos, and delivering them.

Gameplay Edit

Players choose their starting country, then go on to build a trucking empire.

After this, players can start taking jobs from various fictitious companies and delivering cargo to various cities to earn money and experience. This money can then be spent on a new truck, upgrading the current truck or garage, expanding the business to other countries. Once enough experience has been gained, the player levels up and receives a skill point which may be spent to enhance a certain skill. ADR certificates (which allow for transportation of hazardous goods) are also obtained via skill points in Euro Truck Simulator 2 as opposed to the first game in the series, where players merely paid a sizeable sum of money to receive an ADR.

Companies Edit

There are many fictitious companies in the game. Following is a list of all companies and the cities they operate in.

  1. BCP  (Berlin, Birmingham, Bratislava, Gdansk, Kassel, Kosice, München, Paris, Stuttgart, Verona)
  2. EuroAcres (Berlin, Bern, Bialystok, Bremen, Brno, Bruxelles, Cambridge, Carlisle, Debrecen, Dijon, Dover, Dresden, Erfurt, Gdansk, Groningen, Krakow, Liverpool, Magdeburg, Nürnberg, Osnabrück, Plymouth, Reims, Salzburg, Swansea, Torino, Verona, Wien, Wroclaw)
  3. EuroGoodies (Banska Bystrica, Berlin, Bern, Bremen, Cardiff, Debrecen, Dijon, Dover, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Erfurt, Glasgow, Grimsby, Groningen, Innsbruck, Kiel, Klagenfurt, Leipzig, Liège, Lille, Liverpool, Lodz, Lublin, Magdeburg, Mannheim, Metz, München, Newcastle, Olsztyn, Osnabrück, Plymouth, Praha, Reims, Salzburg, Szczecin, Venezia, Wien, Wroclaw)
  4. FCP (Bremen, Bruxelles, Düsseldorf, Graz, Leipzig, Manchester, Milano, Olsztyn, Poznan, Torino)
  5. ITCC (Bialystok, Glasgow, Köln, Kosice, Liège, Linz, Luxembourg, Milano, Ostrava, Rostock, Sheffield, Szczecin)
  6. Kaarfor (Bern, ...) (Delivery only)
  7. LKWLog (Amsterdam, Brno, Calais, Dover, Duisburg, Felixstowe, Gdansk, Graz, Hamburg, Kosice, Lodz, Lublin, Luxembourg, Manchester, Stuttgart, Venezia)
  8. NBFC (Aberdeen, Berlin, Budapest, Calais, Duisburg, Linz, Liverpool, London, Ostrava)
  9. Posped (Banska Bystrica, Birmingham, Bratislava, Bremen, Carlisle, Geneve, Graz, Katowice, Kiel, Köln, Linz, Lodz, London, Lublin, Metz, Paris, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Swansea, Verona, Warszawa, Zürich)
  10. SanBuilders (Berlin, Birmingham, Brno, Debrecen, Edinburgh, Erfurt, Gdansk, Hamburg, Krakow, London, Luxembourg, Lyon, Milano, Newcastle, Nürnberg, Paris, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Warszawa)
  11. Scout (Praha)
  12. SellPlan (Genf, Sheffield, ...) (Delivery only)
  13. Steinbruch/Quarry (Cardiff, Dortmund, Glasgow, Hannover, Katowice, Lyon, Mannheim, Praha, Reims, Salzburg, Sheffield, Strasbourg)
  14. Stokes (Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Calais, Cardiff, Dijon, Düsseldorf, Katowice, Kiel, Liège, Nürnberg, Plymouth, Poznan, Warszawa, Wien, Zürich)
  15. Tradeaux (Budapest, Felixstowe, Frankfurt, Geneve, Grimsby, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Klagenfurt, Krakow, Lille, Lyon, Olsztyn, Paris, Praha, Rostock)
  16. Trameri (Amsterdam, Brno, Budapest, Carlisle, Dresden, Grimsby, Hannover, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Krakow, Lille, Liverpool, Lyon, Mannheim, Nürnberg, Plymouth, Strasbourg, Swansea, Warszawa, Wroclaw)
  17. Transinet (Bialystok, Bruxelles, Cambridge, Debrecen, Dortmund, Dresden, Hamburg, Mannheim, Milano, Osnabrück, Ostrava, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Sheffield, Southampton, Szczecin, Torino)
  18. Tree-ET (Aberdeen, Banska Bystrica, Bialystok, Birmingham, Bratislava, Dortmund, Felixstowe, Geneve, Graz, Hannover, Innsbruck, Katowice, Leipzig, Liège, Manchester, Metz, Milano, Olsztyn, Paris, Poznan, Southampton, Stuttgart, Zürich)
  19. WGCC (Bratislava, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Glasgow, Grimsby, Manchester, München, Rotterdam, Strasbourg)

ProMods Added Companies Edit

ProMods have about 11 [eleven] added companies. Here is the list:

1 - Aldi

2 - Bauhaus

3 - Deret

4 - Lidl

5 - McDonald's

6 - Metro

7 - ND

8 - SAAB

9 - Scania

10 - Volvo

11 - IKEA

Road network Edit

The road network in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is based on European roads, and cities in the game bring the essence of their real-world counterparts to the game. The distances between cities take less time since the scale is 1:25, for example a journey from Prague in the Czech Republic to Swansea in Wales would take around 2 hours (give or take) depending on your driving style or just a little over an hour if the speed limiter was removed. Roadworks and Railway crossings have been added and there aren't just small roadworks with just a few cones, there are some were the traffic is directed onto the opposite side of the road and trains run through crossings every once in a while. The player may visit 12 European countries in the game; United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland), Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria,  Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. SCS Software has released an Eastern European expansion to the game which added new cities to Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and also an entirely new country; Hungary.

See: Driving


As the game is set in Europe, European truck-designs feature exclusively - all trucks use models based on real trucks. With actual working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, gauges and something brand new, truck customisation. Following is a list of all the trucks and what kind of upgrades they can be given: Renault Magnum (bull bars, beacons, light bars, wing mirrors, livery, wheels, side steps, side skirts, exhausts, name plates in windows, inside of cab, engine, transmission), Renault Premium (same as Renault Magnum + door handles), Majestic Across ([Mercedes Actros] same as Renault Premium + cab, axles, door handles), Scania R Series (same as Majestic Across), MAN TGX (same as Majestic Across), IVECO ([Previously Ivedo] same as Majestic Across), DAF XF (same as Majestic Across), Volvo ([Previously Valiant] same as Majestic Across).

Release Edit

Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released on October 19, 2012. It was later Greenlit by the community on Steam and is available on the platform as of January 16, 2013. The 'Going East' DLC was released in September 2013.

Patches Edit

See: Patches

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo E4400 or 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9 / GeForce 7600 GT-class equivalent or better or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 XT


Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space

Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compliant


Players can download mods for the game. There are trucks, trailers & combos, buses and cars, skins for trailers, companies etc. There are also maps to add onto their game. This adds extra roads and shortcuts and new countries are available that were not featured in the original version. Some popular mods are the infamous JazzyCat trailers, the famous ProMods with their high-res textures, and others are the TSM Low-res textures.

See: Modding


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