• DGS

    Spam and vandalism

    July 4, 2013 by DGS

    Greetings, thanks for everyone's edits around here, every small bit helps.

    I promise that I'll soon find the time to contribute more myself.

    I'm thankful for all the edits, except that one or two internet morons who come in here to fuck up other people's hard work on articles now and again. These foolish edits will be reverted and any of your IPs blocked, my advice for any other trolls is to go ruin some other small Wiki or go visit a garden to lighten up.

    Truck on!

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  • DGS

    TruckSim goes Wiki

    October 22, 2012 by DGS

    At last, the TruckSim wiki is born!

    Out of a desire to have a proper place of central information about the truck simulation games we all love, plain and simple. I was so tired of not having a place for trucks and dealers and such in ETS, ETS2 gave me the final push to make a proper wiki for ETS and the like games, however humble and small. Please edit anything you can, every little bit helps! Also welcome are opinions and suggestions on improving the Wiki overall. I have been editing wikis here and there but mostly content, never the actual structure, so any help would be welcome!

    Thank you goes out to SCS Software by an unlimited count, for dedicating themselves to the company that is the maker of such marvellous gaming software! The moddi…

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